Why Solar – Reason #3


Look at all of the roofs shown in the photo….  This is a aerial shot of a relatively small part of Providence, RI.  How many of the homes and businesses in the photo have solar?  It is tough to say, but it would be easy to defend the statement that less than 1% of these roofs have solar.

Can your roof generate any income for you?  Traditionally the answer is no, but today, with solar the answer is yes.

We have already shown that solar power systems are a great financial investment and a great environmental investment.  It is also a great productivity investment by turning unproductive space into productive space.

Think of the impact of having solar on the majority of these currently unproductive roof spaces:

  • We would significantly reduce or even eliminate America’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels
  • We would make a significant contribution toward cleaning our air by offsetting tons and tons of CO2
  • We would reduce the impact of utility rate increases on our households
  • We would postpone or eliminate costly power grid upgrades that keep the cost of utility power low by eliminating utility bill surcharges for infrastructure improvements.
  • We would generate electricity where it is needed – where it is consumed

Solar really does make sense!