Monitoring Portal View – 36 KW DC STC Westerly System

Shown above is a screen shot of the monitoring webpage for the 36KW DC STC system shown on the background photo of this website.  This system was turned on 12/17/2015 and has produced 51.86 MWh (mega watt hours) of energy from turn on through 2/26/2017. The utility charges around $190 / MWh ($0.19 / kWh) and the system has generated ~$10,000 of energy since it was turned on.  Solar produces no harmful byproducts or emissions and the energy produced since turn on has saved the environment over 36000 kg of CO2 emissions.  Solar is great for the environment!

Why Solar – Reason #2


Sunwatt Solar has installed hundreds of solar systems in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Every solar system installed has the ability to measure the amount of energy the system is producing.  If the system is connected to the internet, the solar system will periodically report production information to the inverter manufacturer’s monitoring portal for long term tracking of energy production.

The screenshot shown here is from Solar Edge’s monitoring portal showing the energy production of the solar system shown on the background image of this website.

At the top left the page, an overview is shown:

  • Current Power – 10.23 kW – this is the instantaneous power the system is generating when the snapshot was taken.
  • Energy today – 146.51 kWh – this is the energy (power over time) that the system had produced on the date at the time the snapshot was taken.
  • Energy this month – 2.3 MWh – this is the energy that the system had produced during the month up to the date and time the snapshot was taken.
  • Lifetime energy – 51.86 MWh – this is the total energy the system has produced since turn on up to the date and time the snapshot was taken.  This represents almost $10,000.00 worth of energy production.

The bar-graph in the middle left shows the energy production for each day during the month.  You can see the variation in production based on differing weather conditions.

The bar-graph on the bottom shows the energy produced each month since turn-on.  The system was turned on December 17, 2015.

At the lower right, the environmental benefits are shown since turn on:

  • 36,456.54 kg (or 36.4 kilotons) of CO2 was saved because the energy produced by the solar system is zero-emission.
  • 2,022.48 Equivalent Trees Planted – the CO2 offset by this solar system is equivalent to planting 2,022 trees!
  • 157,147.05 Light Bulbs Powered for a day

Solar is very beneficial for the environment.  The energy produced by a solar system is free of emissions or waste products.  By installing solar at your home or business, not only are you making a great financial investment, you are making a great environmental investment.