Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) is helping to make owning a solar power system more affordable for its residential customers. The municipality is offering a rebate of $1.50/watt installed, up to a maximum of $4500, to homeowners investing in solar panels. If you own a home with a sunny roof in Taunton, Raynham or Berkely, there’s a good chance solar can save you a significant amount of money.TMLP’s Solar Rebate Program works in conjunction with Federal and State incentives as well as the Mass Solar Loan Program to make solar accessible for a growing number of MA residents across income levels.The idea behind all these programs is to encourage homeowners to own the solar energy installation on their roof rather than leasing it.

Ownership entitles residents to the full value of incentives as opposed to only a discount on their electric bill under a lease.The truth is, ownership makes all the difference in solar. Instead of a saving a few hundred dollars a year as a discount on your electric bill, owning solar entitles you to a combination of Net Metered bill savings, and SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Credits). At the current electric cost and state incentive rates, this equals about $2000 a year in production value for an average size solar system.

Owning panels can still be a costly upfront investment, but after the TMLP Rebate, the 30% federal tax credit and $1000 Massachusetts state tax credit the actual cost is less than half the sticker price.

The result is an investment that pays back in about five years, followed by 20 years of warranty guaranteed production. TMLP residents with average electric usage and a sunny roof space look to net about $25,000 in savings and value over the life of the system.

Of course, it’s not easy for everyone to put down the cash up front. This is where the Mass Solar Loan comes to the rescue. The program offers a no money down, 10-year solar loan at rates around 4%. In addition, the state offers an Income Based Buy Down in which households can qualify for either a 20% or 30% discount depending on annual income and family size.

The TMLP rebate combined with incentives and low loan rates makes the value of solar production higher than most monthly payments. This means homeowners can be cash positive while paying off the system. After 10 years the loan is paid and you still have 15 years of savings.

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