Solar Summer!

Take Advantage of the Summer Sun in Rhode Island!


Go solar now and qualify for the highest incentive rates

during the most productive months of the year…


National Grid is currently offering a rate of $.3475 per kWh of production for all residential solar installations thru the Renewable Energy Growth Program (REG). This is nearly twice the average retail price of electricity in Rhode Island being produced on your roof and sold to the power company.

REG rates have dropped historically by 10% every year. However, all solar arrays interconnected this summer will lock in the current rate for the next 15 years. In addition, the cost of panels at an all time low.

If you have a sunny roof its never been a better time to go solar!



Average Monthly Production Total Value of Production
May-August 1100 kWh $1529
December-February 400 kWh $556

Summer brings high electric bills but also high solar production!

  • The average Rhode Island solar array produces over 3 times the power per month in the summer than it does in the winter.
  • National Grid will pay you for your over production while crediting your electric bill.
  • Interconnecting before the summer months is a great way to offset the high cost of air conditioning.

At SunWatt we take an educational approach to solar. Our goal is to help you understand how solar can work for you and your community. We are a Rhode Island based company that specializes in designing solar arrays to meet the financial and energy needs of homeowners in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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