Solar Goin’ Mainstream

In case you haven’t heard solar PV has stepped off the dock and jumped feet-first into the mainstream as an economically viable energy resource. It’s true- and I mean real, true truth, not that other kind that has been spinning around out there.  No longer a fringe product available to the wealthy or those somewhere on the spectrum between prepper and Jerimiah Johnson, solar has a solid economic presence, globally and locally. While most manufacturing jobs are unfortunately overseas well over a quarter of a million Americans are now employed in solar and, according to the DOE, those numbers are growing.

Thanks to SREC I, SREC II and SREC X (whatever) solar has been a Massachusetts success story since 2010 with no end in sight. While the REC market will come to end soon it will be replaced with the new SMART Program being crafted and drafted even as we speak. And now Rhode Islanders are beginning to ride the wave of access to affordable residential, community, and commercial solar. Ask us about the new, innovative financing option for Rhode Island homeowners looking to go solar. The savings can begin from day one, and you will have freedom from high electric bills for years to come.

While there are myriad reasons for the change in the increased availability of solar the short report is prices on modules has dropped significantly, and the local and federal governments still have attractive incentives in place. This has created an ideal climate (a veritable ‘perfect storm’, if I can squeeze in a few more water-themed metaphors!) for people in our neighborhoods to go solar.

We also heard that “everybody blogs” – so while the industry is going mainstream, we figured we better get our feet wet, as it were, in the blogosphere, too. By providing a resource with a local perspective we believe we can help you make a more informed, educated decision about going solar.

We hope you will join us as we discuss everything from air quality to incentives, new products to new legislative measures, employment, environment, net-zero homes, and the future of solar, its general impact on the world and specifically our little corner of it.

Jump in, guys, the water is fine!