Welcome to the SunWatt Solar Referral Program.

Be a Solar Advocate and earn $250 from SunWatt!

Do you have a friend or neighbor who could benefit from a solar installation on their home? If you rent, already have panels or can’t install solar on your own roof this is your chance to bring the power of the sun to your community.

According to Google’s project sunroof over 70% of rooftops are viable for solar panels! That means you probably know someone who could save money and offset their carbon footprint with the latest in solar technology from SunWatt…

Here’s how it works… Let your friend or neighbor know that SunWatt specializes in designing systems for Rhode Island and Massachusetts homes and are experts at getting homeowners the most out of state incentives and grants.

If they are interested in learning more about solar and have a roof that looks to be a fit for an installation have them contact SunWatt to set up an initial site visit.

Make sure they give your name and contact information to our sales rep. When their system is installed and generating power we will send you a check for $250!

What qualifies as a good roof for solar? If you know someone with a roof that meets the following conditions its worth setting up a site visit…

  • Minimal to no shade. No tall trees in the vicinity.
  • Relatively new shingles and foundation.
  • South facing surface is ideal but an angle to the east or west is ok.
  • No large obstructions (skylights, vents, ….)

To Schedule a Site Visit and Free Solar Assessment your referral contact can call SunWatt @ 844-786-9288 or send an Email to sales@sunwatt.solar.

We Save you Money. You Save the Planet.