Turn your rooftop into a revenue stream!

Rhode Island and Massachusetts business and building owners are discovering rooftop solar PV can be a smart investment decision.  Talk to your local solar expert at Sunwatt We will not only help navigate you through the solar incentive process and but design and install a high yielding system for a maximum return on investment.

 Three ways to maximize your investment

1) Federal Renewable Energy Income Tax Credit                                                                                                    Valued at 30% of the total project cost 

  • ITC can be used in the first year or carried over.
  • Valued at 30% thru 2019 and then tapers…

2) Accelerated MACRS Bonus Depreciation:

  • Depreciation Basis is 85% of the original commercial solar project cost before the ITC deduction.
  • Accelerated schedule for six years: Y1: 60%, Y2: 16%, Y3: 9.6%, Y4: 5.76%, Y5: 5.76% and Y6: 2.88%…

3) Guaranteed performance-based incentive revenue streams:                                                                                   RI – Renewable Energy Growth program                                                                                                                      MA – SMART program

  • Contracted payments for solar electric generation thru the utility.
  • Can be worth up to twice the current retail rate of electricity guarenteed for up to 20 years.